Classroom Tour (Blaugust Post #1)

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Good morning!
As I sit proctoring a test, I thought now would be a good time to mark some items off the to-do list, including starting a blog post about my classroom for one of my Blaugust posts (see below for more info)

What seems like a yearly occurrence...ugh... I had to move classrooms again.  Don't get me wrong, I love teaching where I do, but I really dislike having to take so much down and put it back up. You'll see why here in a second ;-)

So.... here we go on this tour and I hope I am able to give credit to everyone, so if I forget you, please let me know.

Because I ran out of wall space in my classroom, I figured I would commandeer some wall space in the

I wanted to do a Which One Doesn't Belong board, so this was inspired by @joelbezaire and many others in the #MTBoS who have created one.
The Panda Squares is from @davidbutler 's blog and @mathequalslove also has a version you can print out (she credits David as the original source)

My doorway - Welcome sign from @mathequalslove 's blog; a quote of the week; our Duluth Math Department sign with the lettering inspired by @saravdwerf and her math symbol alphabet.

Right inside the door is volume 4 of the #MathFail posters that Sara VanDerWerf has on her blog. There were over 50 posters this year, so I only printed a small sampling of them for my wall.

This is the bulletin board in the back of the classroom. Not seen on the left is a group work poster I made that a smaller version goes in their notebooks at the beginning of the year. And to the right is our school info with bell schedule, sports schedule, etc.

The middle is my version of @misscalcul8 's Not Just Dead White Dudes board she did. The whole idea stems from @anniek_p 's The Mathematician Project to educate about mathematicians who are not always studied or celebrated. I've been doing a Mathematician Monday so far this year, and the students seem to be enjoying it.

A few more posters from @mathequalslove 's blog; #becomingmath posters from @cbellatl; the student area with their supplies, baskets for their notebooks, and games to play and the resident Chromebook cart.

Above each table is the group sign. These were inspired from @saravdwerf but I printed by version from @g_brgmn 's blog post

After having such a wonderful time at #TMC18 and meeting people I have been interacting with on Twitter the last year, I wanted to include them in my photo wall. Definitely a favorite :-)

And lastly just a few more pictures of some of the decor -

Thanks for reading and taking a tour with me of my home away from home :-)