Sunday, July 30, 2017

#tmc17 thoughts

So.... I was fortunate enough to attend #tmc17 this past weekend.

I can hear you asking, what is #tmc17? It is Twitter Math Camp.
Math Camp?! Really?! Yes.

For years now, I have been lurking around the #MTBoS community by reading blogs or searching on Twitter for ideas to use in my own classroom. So, when I was emailed about attending Twitter Math Camp, I knew I had won the lottery to learn from people I had been "idolizing" for years.

Walking in I was a bit nervous. I went by myself and didn't know anyone, but it seemed like everyone knew everyone else.  Lucky for me @jaz_math sat down and just started talking to me :-)  I will forever grateful to her for being so nice and just welcoming me in.

As the days went on, I had a few more observations:
1) everyone at #tmc17 and on #MTBoS are just like me. People who are looking for ways to be better in the classroom in order to help our learners. We want to learn from each other.

2) #tmc is about relationships. Relationships with people to eat lunch with and with people who I can ask for help with something in my classroom.

3) The keynote speakers were AWESOME! Grace Chen made me think about equality in my classroom. Graham Fletcher made me realize that I am like Netflix in that I have been adapting and changing my classroom instead of being static like Blockbuster. Carl Oliver made me want to #pushsend because #IamEnough.

4) I had the best time laughing and having fun learning in my morning session with the Classroom Chef. I need to and want to have the courage to take risks in my classroom to help my learners learn.

5) It was just fun to sit with other math teachers and talk about what we do and who we know. ~Hedge~ and I both know a good friend that I used to teach with, who knew?!
Teachers also can let loose and have fun! Trivia was fun even though we didn't win but listening to the singing or getting hugs from Sam Shah :-)

Oh my gosh....I could go on but this is just that start of my #1tmcthing as I venture out of my comfort zone and put myself out there since #IamEnough and can contribute to this #MTBoS community.

And a shout-out to @ladsit76 for her encouragement about wanting to see more about my #INB that I use in my non-AP stat class. The push I needed to re-open this blog and use it ;-)  Thanks, @ladsit76
(and pics of my notebook will come...My prettier one is at school ;-) )

and now off to #pushsend .........


  1. Wow! Congrats on getting started on your #1TMCThing! Can't wait to hear more from you!

    1. Thanks, Julie! I was a bit unsure about the #pushsend. Appreciate the encouragement :-)

  2. Congrats on your first (of many, many more?) blog posts this time around. I love your description of TMC; you are a natural blogger and have so much to share. I've never been to TMC but hope to some day...if it comes closer to my home. thanks necessary for encouraging you to share your amazing INB pages. I was so excited to see them on twitter and truly hope you do share at a later date.